About Us

Welcome to Sqorpios Swimwear, where style meets sustainability and elegance knows no bounds. I'm Chiara Bransi, the founder of Sqorpios, and I'm thrilled to personally introduce you to our world of Luxury Swimwear and Resortwear.


Sqorpios Swimwear isn't just a brand; it's an embodiment of values that are close to my heart. Our journey began with a passion for innovation, a love for timeless design, and a commitment to redefining global fashion trends with a sustainable approach.


We're more than just swimwear; we're a symbol of empowerment and a pledge to sustainability. Sustainability, wearability, and female empowerment are the core pillars upon which Sqorpios is built. These values are intricately woven into every design we create, making each piece not just a fashion statement but a statement of purpose.


Every Swimwear Piece is created with Sustainable Econyl Fabric made from recycled plastics from the ocean, such as fishing nets and other plastics. It is a high quality, durable and comfortable fabric made in Italy.


The name "Sqorpios" is a tribute to the Scorpio zodiac sign, reflecting the transformative energy that defines our brand. Rooted in the spiritual haven of Ibiza, both the island and I share the Scorpio sign, serving as a continuous source of inspiration.


Our collections are crafted with love and inspired by the unique spirit of Ibiza. Each piece mirrors the beauty and confidence I find in this place, and I hope you'll experience the same when you wear our swimwear.


Thank you for choosing Sqorpios Swimwear. I look forward to being a part of your swimwear journey and sharing more remarkable moments with you in the future.


Warmest regards,

Chiara Branse

Founder, Sqorpios Swimwear