About us

Sqorpios is a global luxury swimwear and resort wear brand known for it’s iconic designs and quality craftsmanship. Sqorpios is defined by its innovative, elegant and timeless designs that add an element of newness to global fashion trends.

Founded by designer Chiara Bransi, the brand is a representation of her core values; sustainability, wearability and female empowerment. These values are expressed throughout all designs and holds the secret to creating the Sqorpios tribe.

The name, Sqorpios, is a reference to the zodiac sign scorpio, in astrology. Written with a “q” instead of a “c” to add the element of innovation and surprise that is reflected by the designs. The brand is strongly influenced by the spiritual island Ibiza, where the designer Chiara lives most of the time during the year. The island Ibiza as well as Chiara, have their zodiac sign in scorpio which inspired the brand name.