We turn trash into treasure by using Fabrics made from recycled plastic from Oceans and Landfill. 
“By collecting the fishing nets that are regenerated into ECONYL® products, we lessen our environmental impact while also cleaning up the oceans that we love so much”

Fabric from Recycled Plastic

The regeneration system starts with collecting waste from fishing nets, industrial plastic from landfills and oceans around the world. The waste is then sorted and cleaned to recover as much nylon as possible. Through a purification process, the nylon waste is recycles right back into its original purity. The regenerated nylon is then processed into textile yarn which is resistant to sunscreen, oils and chlorine. The fabric provides excellent coverage, perfect comfort and enhances your bodies natural shape.


The Benefit

The use of Econyl has many benefits for the Environment. It reduces the global warming impact of nylon by 80% compared with the material produced from oil. For every 10,000 tons of Econyl material, we are able to save 70,000 barrels of crude Oil and avoid 57,100 tons of CO2 emissions.